They say, “No love is forgotten, it is just left behind”.

I was just on the bed, watching out the window, ignoring the coffee by the side, it was almost evening and smoothly drizzling, “like take your breath away beautiful” I don't know!! The little rain makes me happy.

How I feel about letting go…

We never get to understand this context until we really have to let go of something, to be precise “someone”. I no more feel special, I no more feel blessed. All I feel is hurt, lost in a wild forest. Though you already know that you have to let go, you hold back. We hold back until it eats us alive. Even then our heart…


You must be thinking!! That I would tell you the most challenging thing I faced would be Covid-19. We were in Rajasthan the day they announced the lockdown and we had to get back to Bangalore home safe and that was the most critical scenario. To adapt to change was as difficult as it sounds. You…

priya reddy

On the cliff of never coming back yesterday and the yet to come tomorrow. A long way to go.

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