Leaving 2020 behind…

Everything that we had to go through the year, we did!! The Good and the Bad.

For most of us it was like the black clouds that turned everything dark. If we were to hold on to something, we must know that we do it with our heart and that makes us happy.

Many of us fell out of love, and some maybe did fall in love that they've been waiting for, another few promised themselves to stop loving someone who doesn’t love you back. We broke someone's heart and we let them break ours. Some still have that little soft corner for the ones that broke them wherein some might be just hating them for what they did. We were hurt beyond but not to forget we also have been loved. We may have fear of abandonment so we stay with something toxic and realize it until very late. Which would have consumed us inside out.

Right now!! Right in this moment, if we were to think something; then it should only be about what makes us happy and only that. Who are these people that we still have kept in our lives who hold back and don’t push us towards happiness?

Though it is hard, let’s somehow leave everything behind and move forward, maybe not rush into. Maybe there are far better things ahead than we leave any behind. Maybe it was just the dust that was sitting on for quite a while now and it’s time we dust off. Don’t you think!! By staying behind we are not allowing ourselves to move on when something/someone is hitting on the same wound again and again knowing you are hurting and that you are hurt already!!

Maybe we have spent too much time in the darkness that we forgot there is light out there and it is even more beautiful. I bet that we are scared of missing the feeling of hurt if we try to leave the pain behind and move from it. And that we are comfortable with the pain. Could you imagine? If the feel of pain is this comfortable then how wonderful shall be the feel of heal and everything beyond that. I’m also sure that isn’t just it and there are still a lot many doors out there we should knock on to, and maybe those will not be as hard as the previous ones were. So we shall be ready to knock it down and come out stronger.

I certainly do not know if you relate with this, but if you do!! We shall drink to that!!

On the cliff of never coming back yesterday and the yet to come tomorrow. A long way to go.